Key Skills

  • Character Concept Design
  • Character Modelling, Sculpting and Materials
  • Rigging- Streamlined biped rigs, Advanced mechanical rigs, Motionbuilder Compatibility
  • Realistic and cartoon style keyframe character animation
  • Motion capture clean-up. Application of mocap data into workflows
  • Storyboards and script writing
  • Lighting, Rendering and simple post production


  • 3DS Max (Expert)
  • Mudbox (Expert)
  • Motionbuilder (Intermediate)
  • Toxik (Intermediate)
  • Photoshop (Expert)
  • Maya (Beginner)
  • Softimage (Beginner)


Higher Education:

Masters Degree 3D Animation - Ongoing
Bournemouth University (2014 - Present)

Bachelor of Science: 3D CGI Modelling and animation: Passed with First-class honours
Bournemouth University (2012-2013)

Foundation Science Degree: 3D CGI Modelling and Animation: Distinction
Bournemouth University (2009-2011)

Secondary and Further Education:

BTEC National Diploma in Information and Office Technology - Passed with Merit
Abingdon College of Further Education (2006-2008)

GCSEs - Mathematics (B), Science (BB), English (CC), Art (C), Photography (D), French (C), Geography (C), ICT (C)
Fitzharrys Comprehensive (2000 to 2005)

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