I studied at Fitzharrys Comprehensive School in Abingdon, Oxfordshire where I gained a good selection of GCSE's including Mathematics, English, Art & Design, Information Technology and Science. I completed secondary school aged 16 and went on to study Information Technology at Abingdon College of Further Education. I passed my IT course (BTEC National Diploma) and then took a year out to save up and equip myself for University. At this point I hadn't decided which degree course I wanted to take

During my year out of education I worked full time as an office junior for an accountancy firm based in Oxford city centre. This gave me some valuable life experiencing in doing the 9 to 5 each day and exposed me to the 'office' culture. Most importantly this job taught me that if I was going to work in an office as a job, then I should be doing something that I am passionate about, and that something should definately not be anything to do with accounting. So it was at this point when i decided I should take a degree in animation.

In September 2009 I moved to Bournemouth and started my 4 year degree in 3D Animation. Prior to starting my degree I had very limited knowledge of 3DS Max, but now after completing my fourth and final year I am highly confident in using the program (thanks to the 'throw them in at the deep end' mentality of the degree course). During the past 4 years at Uni I have developed a whole range of general animation skills, but have picked up a particular craft for animation and rigging.

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